• Traditionally known as
    Traditionally known as


Burrguk, means “high place or high ground” in the Nyul- Nyul language

Banana Well Getaway's History relates back to the founding members of the Burrguk Corporation which ties the Charles and Ozies families. Members of the Burrguk Aboriginal Corporation (BAC) have strong traditional & historical ties to this particular area known as Burrguk. Our hosts will happily share some local knowledge on the best fishing spots. Boat or beach fishing, we have some of the Kimberley best fishing spots for Barramundi, mangrove jack and mud crabs. At the end of the day, cook up your catch on the campground BBQs and relax as the sun goes down.

The Banana Well spring supplied
drinking water to the community

Burrguk Aboriginal Corporation
founding members

The corporation was established
in 1989

The bay across Burrguk creek was once used and operated by a brother named Sax who had a large market garden & goats, in conjunction with a family member who married a Nyul-Nyul lady and lived at Banana Well. They had a banana plantation, goats, poultry and market garden. They would barter and sell their goods and fresh water to the pearling luggers.

Local legends &

Historic sites

The Dampier Peninsula is rich in Aboriginal cultural history and recent history. Visit a traditional stone fishtrap or the ancient fossilised footprints. Learn about the history of Beagle Bay Mission or the WWII mystery of Dakota Diamond. Hear the long standing, local myth that the pure artesian water at Banana Well spring is fertility water. Many local people that have visited the artesian spring have ended up (boogajin) pregnant.

Beagle Bay Mission

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The Mythical fertility powers
 of Banana Well Getaway's artesian spring

Dakota Diamond Mystery

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Staying connected to and

caring for Country