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    Cabin 3A

Cabin 3A

From $140 per night | Sleeps 1

Ideal for singles looking to getaway, this smaller cabin has a single bed and sleeps 1 Adult.

Includes: Air Conditioner & Fridge.

Bookings, Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are part of the booking process. If you would like to read them along with our Policy, please click here. Ensure your booking and dates are correct before finalising. Our payment providers do not refund the booking processing fee which is charged on top of our accommodation pricing.
See full terms and conditions here

Rubbish Disposal

Rubbish waste is only collected for Cabin accommodation guests.
We do not collect general rubbish waste of any sort. The camp kitchen is also not provided with rubbish bins.
Please take all your rubbish with you. Thanks for understanding.

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