The following information is to ensure your wellbeing and understanding of the local, natural surroundings and wildlife.

Whilst Banana Well Getaway takes every possible care, Burrguk Aboriginal Corporation will not be held liable for personal injury, loss or damage to personal belongings, although every precaution will be taken. It is up to the individual to be responsible for their own personal care and safety, whilst visiting the area.

  • Banana Well Getaway is an eco friendly residence using solar power. Help us, by using energy efficiently & Turn power off when not in use. Lights, fans & air-conditioners.
  • All visitors arriving & departing, please report to the Office (Office hours 7am – 9pm).
  • Medical Facilities: The nearest Medical Service is operated in Beagle Bay Community. (23 kms away)
  • Beagle Bay Shop (23 kms away)
  • Mobile, Internet and Phone Coverage limited to the Next G Coverage
  • Wild Animals: Beware wild animals can be seen roaming the area, mostly at night i.e. Donkeys, dingo’s, wild dogs and cattle.
  • Mosquitoes & sandflies are prevalent in the area at certain times of the year i.e. after the wet and at very high tides. Protective clothing recommended and a repellent needs to be used.
  • Snakes: snakes inhabit this area, some of the deadliest species, to be vigilant and alert at all times.
  • Crocodile’s sightings in the Burrguk Creek are often seen, remain vigilant at all times. Dogs can attract crocodiles and crocodiles will attack dogs. Enter at your own risk.

The following rules needs to be adhered to during your stay at Banana Well Getaway:-

  • Fish for the future, only take what you can eat and keep to the legal size limits. One crab per person, undersized & berried crabs are not to be taken.
  • Firearms & Spear guns – Shooting a firearm and the use of spear guns are strictly prohibited within the property. Shooting of wild animals for food purposes is prohibited without written permission from land owner.
  • Pets Allowed – Pet owners are to take full responsibility for their pets, and dogs to be on a leash at all times. Owners are also responsible for the poo patrol of their animal.
  • Do not to trespass on neighbouring indigenous outstations without prior permission.
  • Vehicles – Burrguk marshland (mudflats) do not enter your 4×4 drive vehicle during periods of high tidal movements – soft boggy area’s, otherwise you enter at your own risk.  Vehicle Recovery charge of $250 upfront, otherwise refusal may offend.
  • Litter – Please keep our property a litter free zone, rubbish bins are provided for your convenience.
  • Showers – Hot water restrictions apply.
  • Quiet time – applies between 9pm – 7am.
  • Alcohol – Drunk and disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated, patrons will be evicted and the local Police authority will be notified.
  • Illegal Drugs – Strictly Prohibited

Please Note
Non-compliance of the above will result in immediate eviction.

By Order of The Burrguk Management Committee