Natural Spring Water

If you love a refreshing cool drink of water after a day in the sun, Banana Well Getaway has the luxury of a well that produces 100% pure spring water. It’s reported the Artesian Spring is part of a huge underground reservoir of fresh water, the second biggest in Australia.

There is a long standing myth that the water at Banana Well Getaway is known as fertility water. Many people of our community and friends of the family, that have come out to Banana Well Getaway, have ended up (boogajin) pregnant.

Bubbling crystal clear to the surface, the taste is exquisite!


Wandering throughout the grounds, are peacocks, dogs and chickens. Banana Wells is also host to a wide variety of bird life, including Egrets, Ibis, Brolgas, Bee-eaters and Pelicans, to name a few. Sometimes you will see the Wild Donkeys, Frill neck Lizards, Barneys, Dingos, Wallaroo (traditional name for the small kangaroo of the area) and Brahman Bulls.


At certain times of the year, Banana Wells blooms with an array of wildflowers including acacias, Grevilleas, Wild Orchids, Batchelor Buttons and many more.

Local surrounds

Located approximately half way along the Cape Leveque Road from Broome, Banana Well Getaway is an ideal location to set out and explore the rest of the Dampier Peninsula .. just 10km before Beagle Bay Community and short drives to Lombadina, Aardyloon, Kooljamin and other surrounding small scenic communities.

A half an hour drive through the bush and the marsh lands brings you to a beautifully secluded beach with great fishing and swimming or just lying on the white sandy beach. Yummy whiting can be caught straight off the beach.